HISSAC Highlands and Islands Short Story Association and Writing Competition

The Huntingfield Paintress

The Huntingfield Paintress by Pamela Holmes Published by Urbane Publications

‘A genuinely original, utterly enchanting story’ – A.N.Wilson
‘A slice of Suffolk history brought beautifully to life’ – Esther Freud
‘An atmospheric and enjoyable story of a singular and free-thinking woman’ – Deborah Moggach

Plucky and headstrong Mildred Holland revelled in the eight years she and her husband, the vicar William Holland, spent travelling 1840s Europe, finding inspiration recording beautiful artistic treasures and collecting exotic artifacts. But William’s new posting in a tiny Suffolk village is a world apart, and Mildred finds a life of tea and sympathy dull and stifling in comparison.
When a longed-for baby does not arrive, she sinks into despondency and despair. What options exist for a clever, creative woman in such a cossetted environment? A sudden chance encounter fires Mildred’s creative imagination and she embarks on a herculean task that demands courage and passion. Defying her loving but exasperated husband, and mistrustful locals who suspect her of supernatural powers, Mildred rediscovers her passion and lives again through her dreams of beauty….

Inspired by the true story of the real Mildred Holland and the parish church of Huntingfield in Suffolk, “The Huntingfield Paintress” is unique, emotive and beautifully crafted, just like the history that inspired it.
The cover for the book is created using a photo (c) Othmar Bahner (RickB) – https://www.facebook.com/RickB500
The term ‘paintress’ was coined by the leading art critic, John Ruskin.
Interviews with the author can be arranged. Please call Pamela on 07748 684 358.