HISSAC Highlands and Islands Short Story Association and Writing Competition

Short Story Long List 2020

Congratulations to everyone on our Short Story Long List 2020

BURKE, MariaA Glimpse of Paleness
BURKE, MariaBeached
BURKE, MariaCarpe Diem
BURKE, MariaThe Cabin
CRAIGIE, MyfanwyWomen Leaving
GRIFFIN, GabrielThe Apostolic Visitation of Bishop Basil
HOOTON, RichardRegeneration
LEITCH, GrahamFridge Magnets
MORRIS, SherryThe Pavement Gardener
PORTER, LucyBusiness Trip
REECE, MarkThe Epicentre
STONEMAN, ClaireThe Silence Egg
STOREY, KarenSpaceship Head
SUTHERLAND, AndrewReginald and the Ponygirl
SUTHERLAND, AndrewThe House that has no Corridors

Please note: all our judges blind-read each piece of work, and have no idea who has written what