HISSAC Highlands and Islands Short Story Association and Writing Competition

Long Lists 2018

Thank you to everyone who entered this year's competition. It has been a great pleasure to read your work, and we hope you will all continue with your writing.

Please note: all judging is carried out anonymously, so a particular well done to those who have managed to smuggle two titles onto the long lists!


Alan KennedyThe Wedding
Amanda HugginsScratched Enamel Heart
Diane SimmonsProcessing
Douglas BrutonHe's Dangerous
Douglas BrutonOutlaws No More
Hazel TurnerI Hate Windows
Jenny RyanLove Among the Ruins
Jeremy HodesdonWhat Had been and what was Now Lost
Joan El FaghloumThe Devil's Kiss
Jocelyn BarkerOne day in `67
Karen JonesThe Girl She Never Was
Karen JonesThins Only The Birds Can Know
Jupiter JonesAt the Trig Point
Kathryn BurkeSoul Music
Monika NagyThe Storm
Rob McInroyPeewit
Sharon CorsoHomecoming
Terry BaldockUnkindness
Tony OswickIn the Land of Peculiar Proverbs
Tony OswickMystery


Charlotte ChadwickBefore this Moon
Anne RabittThe Birthday Cake
Douglas BrutonIf a Stone could talk
Fiona ThackeryGuava Season
James ArnoldNot the Four Aces in your Head
Jason JacksonMack's Last Flight
Jeremy HodesdonOne Shot
John WhitehouseA Tettenhall Dick
John WhitehouseUnaccustomed as I am
Laurane MarchiveExpectations
Liam TullbergIt's nice to be important
Lynne VoyceThirty Minutes to Achfray
Mary BonnerThe Leaves on the Rowan
Mary FoxA Good Black Coat
Mary FoxDolores
Mike CorbettA Conversation on the Nature of Things
Richard HootonMr Flint and the Fire
Richard HootonPhantom
Richard HootonThe Fire Breathing Dragon of Salford
Rob McInroySequela