HISSAC Highlands and Islands Short Story Association and Writing Competition

Flash Fiction Longlist 2019

Big TopRICHARDS, Hollie
Don't Stray from the PathRICHARDS, Hollie
FibresHORN, Vanessa
I'll Tell You No LiesWOODHOUSE, Alison
In HarmonyGORRINGE, Rhona
In TransitBURKE, Kathryn
LogorrhoeaOSWICK, Tony
Mistress of the Black DogPRATT, Elizabeth
No One Touched the PianoKIBBLE, Robert
Planet Earth Will Soon Be Closing...KARILLION, Taria
So Much Work in Those GlovesWEBSTER, E
The AccordionistKENNEDY, Alan
The Lamb with Elbows for KneesRICHARDS, Hollie
The Squirrel House is Not Full of NutsMORRIS, Sherry
VultureTHOMAS, Bryan