HISSAC Highlands and Islands Short Story Association and Writing Competition


Winning Stories 2012

We had a wonderful collection of stories this year, very wide ranging in theme and style, and we are very thankful to all who entered thereby giving us the privilege of reading your work.

You gave the judges a very difficult task but we are delighted to award Harriet Kline First Prize for her extraordinarily moving story Ghost.

It is the rather bleak sounding tale of a woman’s descent into depression, but when you realise this story is being told from the point of view of a dead dog everything shifts perspective, and the result is beautiful, very involving, and with touches of the surreal that lift it right above the everyday.

Please click on the story name to read it in full:

Three stories that were all very unusual in their various ways, remarkably adventurous, each one leaping out from the crowd like salmon from a stream. Extraordinary work from all three, and you might need a couple readings to understand what is going on… Given here in no particular order – read and weep!

We would also like to congratulate those entrants who were short listed but not placed. It is a huge achievement to get as far as they did, and we wish them well.

  • Short listed Mike Corbett "A Letter from the Edge"
  • Short listed Catherine Grosvenor "Baby p.273"
  • Short listed Ruth Driscoll "For Gracie"
  • Short listed Blanche Sears "The Boy who made Scarecrows"
  • Short listed Mary Paulson-Ellis "Uncle Geoffrey’s Cabinet"